Genuine Red Coral

Red Coral Cut Sprig Necklace

Cut Sprig Necklace


Made with Real Red Coral Chips and
Completed with a Gold Plated 925/Silver
Safety Clasp, This Graduated String Necklace
was Practically Made By Nature Herself.

Red Coral Cut Sprig Necklace, Magnified Chips
(Illuminated Magnifier Sold Separately)

All the Chips are Still in the Same Color and Shape as When Picked from the Tips of the Coral Trees. They were Washed, Polished, Bored and Threaded by Italian Artisans in a City Called "Torre del Greco" in the Outskirts of Naples.

Origin of Coral Jewelry

The Delicate Scarlet Precious Coral, Which has been Used to Make Jewelry since the Romans, is Found Chiefly in the Mediterranean Sea. Coral Tree
It grows in Branchlike Formation and Needs Periodic Pruning. Coral Jewelry is Made From the Clippings of These Branches.

Myth and Magic of Coral

Coral Jewelry is on a Rampant Return in Europe as it is Believed to Have Stimulating Powers on the Acuity of the Mind. Coral Allegedly Cures Madness and Protects Against Enchantments.
In the 16th Century People Thought that a Sprig of Coral Could Calm a Raging Tempest. It was Also Thought to Protect the Wearer Against Evil; Children in Particular Were Given Coral Jewelry to Ensure Their Safety and Keep Them Healthy.

Dimensions and Specifications:

The Coral Chips Increase Proportionally from
Approx. 1/8" in Length at the Clasp to Approx. 5/16"
in the Middle. The Necklace is Approx. 18" Long.

Red Coral Cut Sprig Necklace, Div.
Different Computers Show Colors in Different Tones.
The Corals are Medium Red with Some Burgundy and Orange Gradations.

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Red Coral Cut Sprig Necklace, Spiral View

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