Jubilee 2000 Memorabilia and ...
Other Religious Items:

  • Product #RJ-RBW - Serial Numbered Wood Bead Jubilee 2000 Vatican Rosary.

  • Product #RJ-RBWB - Serial Numbered Wood Bead Jubilee 2000 Vatican Rosary. With Basilica Medals.

  • Product #RJ-RWCB - Jubilee 2000 Faceted "Opalescent" Crystal Beads Rosary. With the Four Roman Basilicas.

  • Product #RJ-RBCB - Jubilee 2000 Faceted "Opalescent" Black Crystal Beads Rosary. With Roman Basilicas.

  • Product #RJ-RRPB - Antique Pewter Finish Jubilee 2000 "Metal Rose Bead" Rosary. With Basilicas.

  • Product #RJ-RPCM
    Pentacolor Jubilee 2000 Missionary Rosary.

  • Product #RJ-RBNG - Black Oval Beads and Golden Metal, Jubilee 2000 Nuns' Rosary.

  • Product #RJ-RCWB - Child Size Jubilee 2000 Rosary.
    Can Be a "Special" First Communion Gift.

  • Product #RJ-OCPR - Serial Numbered Jubilee 2000 Oval Pendant. Deep Red Background.

  • Product #RJ-KCM - Official, Serial Numbered, Double Sided Jubilee 2000 Key Chain.

  • Product #RJ-SQM
    Collectible Jubilee 2000 Magnet/Adesive with Cross.

    Product #RJ-GHCVC - Jubilee 2000 Heart Charm/Pendant With a View of Vatican City on the Opposite Side.

    Product #RJ-CRPN - Serial Numbered Jubilee 2000 Vatican Cross Necklace/Pendant.

  • Product #RJ-LPS - Serial Numbered Jubilee 2000 Lapel Pin for Ladies and Gentlmen.

  • Product #RJ-TSS - Official, Serial Numbered, Vatican Jubilee 2000 Souvenir Tea Spoon.

  • Product #D-CRV1 - Artistic Concept of Christ and Vase. Pewter Plated Brass.

  • Darling Brass Angels ~ 3pc. Candle Stand Set.
    Custom Gift Box Included

  • Cherubs in the Clouds... Triple Candle Holder.
    Bargain Priced Item!

    Wall Mount Holy Water Font
    Jesus Joseph and Mary in Prayer

  • Red Coral Cross Pendant ~ Made In Italy
    With Over 120 Real Corals and Set on 18K Gold.

    More Than 80 Real Pearls in this Beautiful Cross Pendant.
    Always in Fashion ... Perfect for Any Occasion!

    "Cherubs" Water Font. Real Water Falls
    ~ Indoor Musical Fountain ~

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