Genuine Red Coral

Coral Cross

Artistic Cross Pendant

Made in Italy and Set With 18K Gold

Cleverly Designed and Patiently Interthreaded With Natural Red Corals, This Cross Pendant Well Reflects the Skillful Art of Italian Craftsmanship.
It Accents Simple Beauty in a Delicate Array of Naturally Luminescent Reflections.

Made With Over 120 Tiny Real Corals, Four 18k Gold Beads and
18k Top Cap and Loop.

Except for the Partial (Rounding and Boring) Human Intervention, These Corals Were Made by Nature Herself. While Similar to One Another, no Two Beads are Perfectly Alike.

Patiently Hand Threaded and Cleverly Interlaid, The Pendant is Equally Well Finished on Both Sides (The Back Side is Made With all Corals, No Gold Beads) and Topped by a Gold Cap and Loop That's Large Enough to Fit Most Chains and Sashes.

The Chain Loop is Oblong in Shape and Gets Larger Toward the Top. On Its Sides are Engraved the "750" Gold Denomination Mark and the Manufacturer's Signature.

Origin of Coral Jewelry

The Delicate Scarlet Precious Coral, Which has been Used to Make Jewelry since the Romans, is Found Chiefly in the Mediterranean Sea.
It grows in Branchlike Formation and Needs Periodic Pruning. Coral Jewelry is Made From the Clippings of These Branches.

Myth and Magic of Coral

Coral Jewelry is on a Rampant Return in Europe as it is Believed to Have Stimulating Powers on the Acuity of the Mind. Coral Allegedly Cures Madness and Protects Against Enchantments.

In the 16th Century People Thought that a Sprig of Coral Could Calm a Raging Tempest. It was Also Thought to Protect the Wearer Against Evil; Children in Particular Were Given Coral Jewelry to Ensure Their Safety and Keep Them Healthy.

Dimensions and Specifications:
  • SIZE:
    Approx. 7/8" Wide.
    Approx. 1 1/8" High (1 1/2" to Top of Loop).
    Approx. 3/8" Thick.
    Top Cap: Approx. 3/16" in Diameter.
    Top Loop: Approx. 3/16" Wide x 5/16" Long.
  • Average Coral Size: Approx. 2.5mm Diameter.
  • Average Gold Bead Size: Approx. 2mm Diameter.
  • Color: Multi-Shade Medium Red.
  • Made In Italy.
  • Brand New.
  • Gift Box Included.

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