Holiday Traditions of The
Plate Collection

Artistically Designed by Gretchen Gaede and Produced by Tabletops Unlimited® Exclusively for DOMESTICATIONS®, These Plates are Both Decorative and Educational.

The Front Side of Each Plate Shows the Typical Holiday Character Representing the Tradition of a Country/Ethnic Group While On the Back Side is Imprinted a Brief Description of That Character and/or Tradition.

Whether You Use Them for Display or to Set a Unique Holiday Dinner Table, They'll be the "Center of Attention" and a Sure Conversation Piece.

The Full Collection Features:

Christmas to the People of Czechoslovakia Means the Ending of All Quarrels and the Beginning of a New Year Among Friends.
Caroling is One of Their Old Favorite Pastimes.
The Santa of Czechoslovakia is St. Nick.

The Legend Still Believed in the Belief That St. Nick Descends From a Golden Cord, Led by a White~Clad Angel.

The Children of Czechoslovakia Make Sure That They are in Bed Early in Hopes That St. Nick Will Stop and Leave a Present for Them.

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On Christmas Eve in England, the Yule Log is Brought Inside and Placed in the Big Fireplace.

Rather Than Mailing Their Letters to Father Christmas, Children in England Toss Their Letters in the Back of the Fireplace to be Drawn Up the Chimney by a Draft.

If Their Letters are Swooped Up, It is Said That Their Wish Will be Fulfilled. If They Burn in the Fire, The Children Will Give It Another Try.

Father Christmas, Wearing His Fur Trimmed Coat, Delivers Presents Which are Not Opened Until Christmas Afternoon.

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Saint Nicholas or "Sinterklaas" is the Patron Saint of Amsterdam and December 6th is Celebrated as His Official Day.

The Kindly Old Bishop With White Beard and Scarlet Cope and Mitre, Spends Most of the Year Recording the Behavior of All Children in His Big Red Book.

Saint Nick Rides a Snow White Horse and, Accompanied by His Servant Piet, Distributes Presents Across the Rooftops of Holland.

Children Traditionally Leave Hay and Carrots in Their Clogs by the Fire Side in Anticipation of Their Gifts.

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( I t a l y )
On January 6, Children in Italy Await the Arrival of Their Good Old Witch, Befana.

Legend is That the Three Wise Men, Looking for Directions to Bethlehem, Stopped by Her Hut and Asked Her to Join Them. She Refused.

Later That Night, Befana Saw a Great Light in the Skies and Thought She Should Meet Up with Them and Pay Her Respects to Baby Jesus.

Befana Could not Find Them or the Stable.

Now Each Year in Search or the Christ Child, She Leaves Gifts for the Good Children of Italy.

(The Arrival of Befana Also Marks the End of the Holiday Season in Italy).

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Juleman, The "Santa Claus" of Denmark and His Many Small Sprites (Elves) Called Julenisser, Have Been Part of the Danish Legend for Many Centuries. They are Said to be Friendly Little Men Who Live in Barns and Farmhouses.

The Nissers are Kind to Animals and Small Children, Providing that Food, Customarily Milk and Porridge, are Left for Them on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Otherwise They Can be Very Grumpy and Mischievous for the Rest of the Year.

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The Chriskindl Angel Appears on Christmas Eve
as a Messenger for the Christ Child.

Announced by the Ringing of a Silver Bell, This White Robed, Golden Winged Angel Enters the House Through a Window Purposely Left Open for Her and Leaves Sweets and a Small Gift for the Children.

The Tradition of Placing an Angel on Top of the Christmas Tree Probably Originated With the Christkindl Angel.

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( U k r a i n e )
Babushka, a Kindly Old Lady, Sat Spinning Yarn When the Three Wisemen Knocked on Her Door. Altough They Begged Her to Accompany Them on Their Quest for the Christ Child, She Turned Them Away.

By Morning Babushka Reconsidered.

Filling Her Basket With Small Presents She Set Out to Catch Up With Them.

Snowfall Obscured the Wisemen's Footprints and no Matter How Many Strangers She Asked, Babushka Never Found Them.

Since Then, She Gives Presents to Everyone She Meets in Her Endless Wandering.

This Plate is Available Only in the Full Collection Set.

( A f r i c a )
KWANZAA is a Harvest Observance Rooted
in West African Traditions.

Dr. Maulana Karenga Started It in 1966 as a Non-Religious Holiday to Honor Ancestors
and Celebrate the Past, Present and Future African American Families.

Celebrated for Seven Days: From December 26 to January 1, Kwanzaa is Based on Seven Principles Called Neguzo Saba. The Principles Are: Unity, Self Determination, Collective Work and Responsibility, Cooperative Economics, Purpose, Creativity and Faith.

People Light the Seven Candles Held by the Kinara Candleholder Which Represents the Seven Principles.

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( S p a i n )
According to an Old Spanish Tradition, the Magi are Said to Journey to Bethlehem Every Year. And So, on the Eve of the Epiphany the Children are Presented With Gifts as They Wait at the City Gates to Meet the Kings.

Spanish Children Have no Christmas Tree and do Not Hang Their Stockings
on Christmas Eve. Instead, They Practice a Custom Called "Nacimiento" Which Means Hiding Slippers and Shoes for Balthhasar and the Other Wise Men to Fill With Goodies.

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(United States)
The American Santa Claus Is Arguably the Most Famous of the World. With His Red Fur Trimmed Coat, Black Boots and Bellowing HO HO HO!

He is Occupied All Year With the Creation of Toys
in His North Pole Workshop Aided by His Innumerable Elf Helpers.

On Christmas Eve, Drawn by His Team of Eight Reindeers, Santa Circles the Globe and Distributes His Gifts to the Homes of Deserving Boys and Girls by Sliding Down the Chimney.

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( S w e d e n )
The Tradition of Lussibruden, Comes From Saint Lucia of Sicily Whose Feast Day is December 13th, The Festival of Lights.

December 13th Was Also Thought by the Swedes to be the Longest and Darkest Night of the Year and so They Adopted Saint Lucia as Their Symbol and Changed Her Name to Lussibruden.

The Youngest Daughter of the Household Wears the Traditional Dress of a Long White Robe With a Scarlet Sash and Wears a Crown of Lingonberry Leaves and White Candles.

At Dawn She Wakes the Family With Songs, Cups of Coffee and Spice Cakes.

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( P o l a n d )
When the First Star Appears in the Evening
Sky on December 24, Fast Day is Ended and
the Christmas Supper Begins.

Straw is Placed Under the Table, Dishes and Tablecloth, and One Chair is Left Vacant for the Holy Child.

Symbolizing Peace on Earth is the Peace Wafer Procured From the Priest and Given to the Head of the Family to Break and Share With the Guests.

While the Sacred Wafer is Being Eaten, the People of Poland Wish Each Other a Healthy and Prosperous New Year.

Starman, The Santa Claus of the Children of Poland Leaves Presents to All the Good Little Boys and Girls.

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Dimension and Specifications:
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  • Cream White Stoneware.
  • Brand New Items.
  • Seconds (There May be Some Slight Imperfections).
  • Made in China to US Specifications.
  • Produced by Tabletops Unlimited®
  • Designed by Gretchen Gaede.
  • Dish Weight: Approx. 12 Ounces.
  • Shipping Weight: Approx. One Pound.

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