Where Is It Written That One Can't Work And Play?

Miniature Foosball Table/Index Card Holder


Desktop Foosball Table

with Index/Business Card File Drawer

Decorative - Useful - Functional

Modern Looking, Original in Its Innovative and
Classic Design, Playful and at the Same Time Useful
(You Could Actually Expense it as "Office Supplies")
This Miniature Table Soccer Model Will Fit In
With Any Decor and Will Embellish That Special
Corner of Your House, Office or "Foosing Room"!

Unusual Award/Dedication Trophy

Provided with Two Large Dedication Areas at the Sides, This Miniature Foosball Table is a Natural and Suitable Replacement to those "outdated and overused" Plaques and Trophies. In Fact, The Use of a "Theme Oriented" Reward for the Winner of Your Foosball Tournment,
Will Improve the Popularity of Your Event and, as
a Logical Result, Increase Players' Attendance.

With the Included "Pearl-Size" Ball, This Business
Toy is Ready For Action During Your Lunch Break.

Just Don't Spill The Coffee ... As It's Easy to Get Excited!

Dimensions and Specifications:

  • Full Unit:
    Approx. 8" Wide.
    Approx. 4 1/2" Deep.
    Approx. 4 1/8" Tall.
    Rigid Plastic Body.
  • Card Drawer:
    Approx. 3 3/4" Wide.
    Approx. 7" Deep.
    Alphabetic Dividers Included.
  • Playing Field:
    Approx. 7 5/8" Long.
    Approx. 4 1/4" Wide.
    Approx. 7/8" Deep.
    Green Velvet Surface.
  • Bars:
    Approx. 5" Long.
    Red and White Color Handles.
  • Goals:
    Approx. 3/4" High.
    Approx. 1 1/4" Wide.
    Approx. 1/2" Deep.
  • Men:
    Approx. 1" Tall.
    Approx. 1/4" Wide (at the shoulders).
  • Dedication Areas:
    Two 7 1/4" x 3" Blank Sides.
    Plaques Can be Attached.
  • Balls:
    Two White Finish Balls.
    Approx. 3/8" Diameter.
  • Brand New Item.
  • Made in China to US Specifications.
  • Gift Box Included.

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    Miniature Table Soccer

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