Artistic Coral Jevelry

Italian Selections Set On Gold And Silver

Coral Jewelry:

  • Red Coral Cross Pendant ~ Made In Italy
    With Over 120 Real Corals and Set on 18K Gold.

    Italian Made Onyx and Red Coral Pendant.
    Artistic Creation Set on 18-Carat Gold.
    One of a Kind Jewel.
    Perfect for all Occasions.

  • One of a Kind Italian Coral Sculptured Pendant.
    Expressive Carved Face Set on 18k Solid Gold.

  • Original Red Coral Spiral Ring.
    One Size Fits All.

    Triple Strand, Spring Loaded, Italian Bracelet.
    Made With Mediterranean Pink Corals and Gold Plated Beads.

    Random Red Coral And Silver Beads Choker/Necklace.
    Created to Enhance and Complement Certain Modern Hair Styles. One of a Kind.

    Italian Red Coral And Silver Choker/Necklace.
    Extends From 14" to 18" to Complement the Cut of The Dress Of The Day. One of a Kind.

    Triple Strand Red Coral Choker.
    Sober Beauty in Absolute Simplicity.
    One of a Kind. Made in Italy.

  • Graduated Red Coral Chip Necklace.
    Natural Beauty ... Affordable Price!

  • Graduated Red Coral Chip Triple Strand Bracelet. Set on Sterling Silver.

  • Universal Size Double Cobachon Red Coral Ring.
    Set on Gold Plated Silver.

  • Genuine Coral Red Hearts Ring.
    Set on Gold Plated Silver.

  • Designer Signed Red Coral Brooch.
    Set on Gold Plated Silver.

  • Red Roses Golden Silver Bracelet. Artistically Crafted Intaglio Design.

  • Indian Red Coral Beads Necklace and Bracelet Set.
    With Spring Loaded Golden Safety Clasp.

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