Stainless Steel

Crafting Tweezers

Precision Tweezers Set

Provided with Straight, Curved, Spring Loaded, Manually Closed, Fine, Medium and Large Tip Tweezers, This Set Has All the Sizes, Shapes and Features Possibly Needed for Precision Picking, Soldering, Holding, Reaching ... etc.

Ideal for Jewelry Work, Stone Setting, Bead Threading, Electronic Assembly, Watch Repairs, Hobbies, Crafts and ... Essentially Any Job Where the Use of Pliers Would be an Overkill.

The Whole Set Consists of:

  • One 7" Straight Tip Multipurpose Tweezer. This is the Most Used and Most Popular Type of Tweezer.

  • One 7" Curved Tip Specialty Tweezer. Use This to Reach in Those Hard to Get Places Without Having to Raise Your Elbow Above Your Ears in Order to See What You're Doing.

  • One 6" Straight Tip Tweezer With Grooved Handle and Inner Tip For Secure Grip. This One is Best Used When Working with Slippery Objects: Pearls, Beads, Larger Stones etc. or for Light Soldering (The Last Thing You Want to Do is to Hold a RED HOT Piece of Metal With Smooth Tip Tweezers)!

  • One 6 1/2" Lockable Tweezers. This is the Most Versatile Piece of The Set. It Has a Straight Tip and Can be Locked at Various Degrees of Pressure From Very Gentle to a Firm Grip. Indicated for Contact Soldering or When you Need to Hold an Object and Free Your Hand at the Same Time. Remember, Hot Metals Become Temporarily Soft. Using Too Much Pressure May Deform Your Object.

  • One 6 1/2" Spring Loaded Self Locking Straight Tip Tweezer. Heavier and Sturdier Than the Previous One and With a Strong Grip, This is the "Bulldog" of the Set. It, Also, Offers Hands-Free Operation Capabilities and is Equally Indicated for Contact Soldering. Use This One With Larger Objects for Greater Stability.

  • One 4 1/2" Straight Fine Tip Tweezer. Mostly Used to Select/Pick-up Smaller Stones, Beads Chips Etc. This is One is the "Mignon" of the Group. The Guidelines for it's Use are Very Simple: If The Object Disappears Inside the Tip of the Other Tweezers When You Close Them, Use This One Instead. You Can't Set It Properly If You Can't See It.

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Precision Tweezers Set

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