This One Is a Must ...

Can't do Precision Crafting Without It!

With a Full Gross
(That's 144 Pieces!)
Precision Saw Blades.

This is a Nicely Made: Strong, Flexible and Well Balanced, Precision Saw. Ideal for Cutting Gold, Silver, Copper and Other Soft Metals as Well as Plastic and Wood. It's Perfect for Jewelry Making, Miniature Crafting, Dental Work, Hobbies etc.

It Has a Metal Frame With Three Butterfly Type Nuts (One Allows to Extend and Fasten the Frame at the Length of the Blade and Two to Hold and Keep the Blade in Place), A Solid Wood Handle with Metal Collar for Added Strength and A Generous Supply (a Full Gross) of Piercing Saw Blades in Six Different Sizes.

Those of Us Who Have Used One of These Before, Know Very Well How Easily These Blades Can Break and How Important it is To Have a Large Supply on Hand to Finish the Job.

Even Though Sometimes Blades Break ... Just Because They Decide to Break, Most Blades Break at the Start of A Cut or While Following a Sharp Curve. In Order to Save Blades, We'd Recommend to Follow Shallow Curves and to Drill Holes one Point Larger Than the Blade Being Used When Going Around Sharp Corners.

Another Big Blade Killer is the Tension Setting: Use Too Much and They Will Snap, Use too Little and They Will Jam and Break. Use All Your Skill and the Best Precautions and They'll Still Break ... They'll Just Last Longer!

~*B U T*~

To Do Inside Cuts "Intaglio Type Art Work" Like This, There is No Better Tool In The World.

That's Why We're Including so Many Blades!

(Artistic Dove Pendant Sold Separately. Please Visit Our Website and/or Our Auctions for Details).

Dimensions and Specifications:

  • Saw:
    Approx. 3 1/2" Wide.
    Up to 12" Long.
    Solid Wood Handle.
    Gray Steel Connecting Frame.
    Black Iron Flexible Arc.
  • Blades: Approx 5 1/4" Long.
  • 144 Pieces:
    24 - 4/0
    24 - 3/0
    24 - 2/0
    24 - 0
    24 - 1
    24 - 2
  • Made in India to US Specifications.
  • Convenient Storage Pouch for Blades Included.

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