Screwdrivers And Wrenches

Screwdrivers And Wrenches

Metric Electronic Tool Set

Ideal For:
  • TV Sets, Telephones, Computers, VCRs, Copiers, FAX,
  • Watches and Clocks,
  • Cameras, Camcorders, Photografic Instruments,
  • Toy Models, Hobbies, Railroadiana,
  • Optical Instruments, Glasses,
  • Small Appliances.
  • All Kinds of Precision Units.

Special Features:

  • Swivel Headed Caps.
  • User Friendly Grips for Improved Comfort and Smooth Turning.
  • Black Oxidized Tips for Greater Durability and Accuracy.
  • Horizontally Ground Tips for Greater Torque.
  • Vertically Grooved Steams for Greater Friction and Control.

The Whole Set Includes:

  • Two Phillips Head Screwdrivers:

    One No. 0 Appx. 4" Long.
    One No. 1 Appx. 4 1/8" Long.

  • Six Flat Head Screwdrivers:

    One 3.5mm Appx. 4 5/8" Long.
    One 3mm Appx. 4 3/8" Long.
    One 2.4mm Appx. 4" Long.
    One 1.8mm Appx. 3 1/8" Long.
    One 1.2mm Appx. 3 1/8" Long.
    One 0.9mm Appx. 2 7/8" Long.

  • Five Electronic Outside Hexagon Head Screwdrivers:

    One 5.0mm Appx. 4" Long.
    One 4.5mm Appx. 4" Long.
    One 4.0mm Appx. 4" Long.
    One 3.5mm Appx. 4" Long.
    One 3.0mm Appx. 3 7/8" Long.

  • Five Electronic Outside Hexagon Mini Wrenches:

    One 6.0mm Appx. 4 1/8" Long.
    One 5.5mm Appx. 4 1/8" Long.
    One 5.0mm Appx. 4" Long.
    One 4.5mm Appx. 4" Long.
    One 4.0mm Appx. 4" Long.

  • Three Electronic Inside Hexagon Head Screwdrivers:

    One 2.5mm Appx. 4" Long.
    One 2.0mm Appx. 4" Long.
    One 1.5mm Appx. 4" Long.

  • One Organizer Box with See-Through Plastic Cover.

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Screwdrivers And Wrenches With Organizer Case

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