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Digital Caliper

Digital Caliper

With Depth Gauge and Step Measurement Capabilities

Ideal High Precision Measuring Tool for Automotive, Metal Shop, Hobby Work, Woodwork, Mold Making, Crafting, Goldsmithing, Gems, Coins, Stamps, etc.

Use It to Measure: Stones, Settings, Casts, Fittings
and Other Objects From 0.01mm to 150mm
(or From 0.001" to 6") With This High Precision,
One-Touch Conversion, Automatic Digital Caliper.

Caliper Display It Features:
1) One Touch Electronic Instant Conversion From inches to millimeters and Vice-Versa.
2) Quadruple Function: Inside, Outside Depth and Step Measurements.
3) Easy to Read 5 Digit LCD Display with "mm/in" and Minus "-" Sign.
4) Automatic On/Off: It Turns Itself On as You Open/Close It or When You Press the "mm/in" Button and Turns Itself Off When Left Idle.
5) Zero/Reset Button Allows for Multiple/Step Calculations (Instructions Included).
6) Lock Knob. Allows You to Lock the Caliper at the Desired Opening.
7) Minus Capability: Allows You to go Backwards and Subtract a Partial Measurement (See Instructions).
8) Hard Shell Case with Fitted Foam Padding Interior.

Dimensions and Specifications:
  • Caliper:
    Approx. 6 1/2" Long. X 3" Wide.
    Approx. 3" Wide.
    Uses 1 Silver Oxide 1.55Volt Battery (Included).
    Digital Display.
    Lock Knob.
  • Case:
    Approx. 9" Wide X 3 1/2" Deep x 1" Thick.
    Hard Black Plastic Shell.
    Soft, Dark Gray, Fitted Foam Interior Lining.
  • Instruction Booklet Included.
  • Made in China to US Specifications.
  • Brand New Item.

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    Caliper and Case

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