Complete With

 Pliers, Cutters, Magnifiers, Tweezers and Pocket Tool/Knife Set

Four Pliers, Two Cutters, Eleven Piece Precision Screwdriver/Magnet/Punch Set (Replaces the Previous 5pc Set. See Photo Below) , One 10X Magnifier, One 20X Microscopic Magnifier, Three Tweezers and a Multi-Use Pocket Tool,

This Set is The Ultimate Startup Kit for Jewelers, Watchmakers, Hobbyists, Craftsmen, Etc..

Pliers and Cutters:

 Pliers and Cutters Set
Ideal For All
Detail Oriented Jobs.

Provided With Comfortable Rubber Grips and Organized in a Leatherette Case with Zipper, This Set is Efficient, Versatile, Practical and ...Elegant Too.

When closed, it looks like a Normal Addressbook. It fits Nicely in a Briefcase or in the Sidepocket of a Car.

Inside it has the Necessary Tools to Handle Small Repairs and Adjustments Right on the Spot. Quick, Clean and Easy.

The Complete Set Includes:
Three Pliers:
6" Long Nose.
5" Needle Nose.
5" Flat Nose.
5" Curved Nose.
Two Cutters:
4 1/2" Diagonal Cut.
4" End Cut.
Black Leatherette Case with Zipper and Elastic Straps.

  • Spring Loaded Reopening for Easier Operation.
  • Elastic Straps Keep the Tools Securely in Place.
  • Made in China to US Specifications. Individual Price: $22.99 Plus S&H.
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    Quantity: Pliers Set

    P L U S:

    Screwdriver Set

    Eleven Piece Precision Screwdriver/Punch/ Magnet Set:

    Equiped With Endless Loop Tops and Grooved Stems for Secure and Steady Operation, Ideal When Working on Watches, Glasses, Jewelry, Models Etc., These Screwdrivers come in a Sturdy, Pocket Size, Hard Plastic Case.

    The Eleven Piece Set Includes:

    • Six Flat Screwdrivers.
    • Three Phillips Screwdrivers.
    • One Sharp Punch.
    • One Pick-Up Magnet.

    Individual Price: $6.99 Plus S&H.

    Change Quantity to Desired Number
    Quantity: Screwdrivers


    Linen Count Magnifier

    ... To Help You See
    The Progress of Your Work,

    We Have Included a Powerful 8X Folding Linen Count Magnifier.

    Measuring Approx. 1 1/2" Wide, About 2 1/4" High, 2" Deep and Provided With a 1" Diameter Lens on Black ABS Body, This Magnifier Will Fold to Approx. 1/2" Thin, Making it Easy to Store it Away Safely or to Carry it With You.

    Individual Price: $7.99 Plus S&H.

    Change Quantity to Desired Number
    Quantity: 8x Magnifier

    Microscopic Magnifier on a Key Chain 20X Magnification Power And, For a Really Closer Look...

    A 20X Microscopic Magnifier.

    Conveniently Attached to a Keychain With Easy Attach/Remove Clip and Provided With Clear Plastic Slanted Base That Allows Angled Positioning and Lets the Light Through, This Powerful and Yet Small Magnifier Will Come Really Handy When Inspecting Stones and Settings as Well as Coins, Stamps, Engravings, Miniature Art, etc.

    The Lenses are 3/8" in Diameter, The Unit Measures Only 5/8" x 1 3/4 at the Highest Point. The Keychain is Approx. 4" Long (Including the Rings).

    Individual Price: $6.99 Plus S&H.

    Change Quantity to Desired Number
    Quantity: 20x Magnifier

    A L S O . . .


    To Handle All the Teeny Tiny Parts, You'll Need ...


    We'll Provide You With Three
    Multi Purpose Tweezers:
    • One 5 1/4" Non Magnetic Tweezer.
    • One 3" Stainless Wide Tweezer.
    • One 3" Stainless Slim Tweezer.

    Individual Price: $5.99 Plus S&H.

    Change Quantity to Desired Number
    Quantity: Tweezers

    And ... Finally!

    Pocket Knife/Tool Set

    To Top It All, A

    Multi-Function Swiss
    Type Pocket Tool/Knife.

    A Pocket Knife? What's a Knife Doing Among Jewelry Tools?

    A Lot. There are Countless Little Tasks That Can be Done Quickly and Easily With the Use of a Pocket Knife, Without Having to Search for the "Perfect Tool". In Fact, I Have Never Seen a Jeweler's Bench Without One!

    In Addition to the 1 1/2" Blade, This Tool Also Includes: a Little Shear, Detachable Tweezers, a Flat File, a Nail File and a Detachable Plastic Pick. All Tools are Approx. 1 1/2" Long.

    Closed Dimentions: Approx. 2 1/4" Long, Approx. 3/4" Wide and Approx. 7/16" Thick.

    Individual Price: $4.99 Plus S&H.

    Change Quantity to Desired Number
    Quantity: Knife

    For Convenient Carrying and Storing, Except for the Screwdrivers Which Have their Own Container, All the Tools Included in This Package Were Selected to Fit Inside the Pliers' Zippered Case.

    Special Package Price, Includes Everything on this Page: $34.99
    Over $20.00 Savings From Individual Prices!
    Plus S&H Based on Destination
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     Pliers and Cutters Set With Pouch

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